Why Polyurea / Polyaspartic?

✔One Day Installation, ✔Durability – Will Not Chip, Crack, or Peel, ✔UV Rated – Will not Discolor, ✔Impact Resistant, ✔Chemical Resistant, ✔Skid Resistant, ✔Temperature Resistant – No “Hot Tire” pick up, ✔Stain Resistant, ✔Water Resistant, ✔Anti-Microbial/bacterial, ✔Easy to Clean, ✔Environmentally Friendly, ✔ Low VOC, ✔Lifetime Warranty  

The Process:                                   

The team at JAMM Concrete Coatings is factory trained and use product specific methodologies to ensure a Long-Lasting, Quality Installation.

  • Step 1 Preparation: Preparation is key to ensure the coating adheres properly and bonds to the concrete surface.  Our Industry specific Diamond Grinder Machines are designed to provide a perfect scratch pattern to ensure adhesion to our coatings.  While grinding is performed, we use specialized High Powered Hepa Vacuums to limit dust exposure and keep it to a minimum. 
  • Step 2 Concrete repair: Our technician will apply Factory Formulated Menders and Fillers to cracks and pits that may be present, restoring the concrete slab surface.
  • Step 3 Base Coat Application: Once the floor preparation has been completed, our technicians will mix and apply the self-priming, Polyurea base coat. 
  • Step 4 Broadcasting: Immediately following the base coat application, technicians will evenly broadcast the chip material over the surface of the floor providing both color and texture
  • Step 5 Clear Coat Application: Technicians will finish the job by rolling out the UV Stable, Polyaspartic clear coat to seal the coating in place.

Once we have completed your floor, You will be able to enjoy your new space for years to come!

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